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Ask Steve for Help

Do you have a special story you want to share?
Help is only one click or call away!

Look for a topic below and reach out to Steve! If you don't see a topic that relates to your situation, call our producers at 1-888-STEVE-07 (783-8307).

  • Do you have a story that requires Steve to come to your hometown? Call Jordana at 1-855-515-0001
  • Do you believe someone is fabricating a story and you want to confront them on their lie? Call Greg at 1-877-836-3422
  • Are rumors from fake pages on social media ruining your relationship? Call Joe at 1-888-321-5389
  • Do you believe someone committed a crime & need Steve’s help to get the truth? Call Ashleigh at 1-877-836-3441
  • Are you dating a pathological liar? Do you think she lied about having a baby or miscarriage? Call Elena at 1-877-836-3406
  • Do you believe your significant other is prostituting? Call Nicole at 1-855-487-4742
  • Do you want to confront someone who has destroyed your life? Call Mary at 1-877-836-3419
  • Have you been dishonest in an online relationship and need Steve’s help to confess? Call us at 1-888-STEVE-07
  • Do you have two or more possible fathers for your child? Call Ashleigh at 1-877-836-3441
  • Are you tired of people questioning who your child’s father is and need a DNA test? Call Joe at 1-888-321-5389
  • Are you or someone you know a victim of sexual assault and need Steve's help? Call Mary at 1-877-836-3419
  • Do you know a child who has been abused and needs Steve’s help to get justice? Call Jordana at 1-855-515-0001
  • Do you know a woman who is being abused? Does she need Steve to stand up to her abuser? Call Elena at 1-877-836-3406
  • Is it time to come clean about a secret you’ve been hiding? Call Nicole at 1-855-487-4742
  • Do you know a teen who is involved in dangerous behaviors? Call Jordana at 1-855-515-0001
  • Have you been wrongly accused of something? Is it finally time to clear your name? Call Greg at 1-877-836-3422
  • Do you have a problem and you need Steve’s help? Call Joe at 1-888-321-5389